The garden

For many people the garden is a place for regeneration and relaxation. It offers opportunities and plenty of space for creativity, as varied as groomed English lawns and untreated wild flower meadows.

Our products help you to create your own little paradise of well-being, where you find relaxation and rest on lovely days and not so lovely days as well. From plant tubs to flower bench shelving we offer you a varied selection, which you can use to create the garden of your dreams.

To keep your garden tidy with everything in its place you can use our garden sheds and shelving units, which are not only attractive to look at, but also provide practical storage options for tools, potting compost or plant containers and protect these from the weather.

Ideas for your garden:

  • Create a snack garden or vegetable bed
  • Wild shrubs for observing the birds
  • Dry stone wall with seat and hearth
  • Garden sauna as a wellness oasis
  • Tree for climbing

Garden play equipment

Outdoor games, whether football, Viking chess or croquet, are sociable and great fun for the whole family or a group of friends. They let you enjoy the fresh air, company and the pleasure of being active. We give good advice on holiday play equipment, so that you can always ensure good humour and variety on the beach or at the camp-site.

Our product range offers you a selection of games just right for a successful day in the fresh air. Our games actively promote coordination, mobility, dexterity and concentration. For our smallest customers, a sandpit, for example, offers plenty of possibilities for being busy and creative.

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